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  I'm Broke - But I Need to Eat!  

Emma Ruth was the mother of six children, grandmother to more. She was always the one you went to for "good eatin". Whether it was Thanksgiving Dinner or another tasty meal (you never knew she pulled together from leftovers).

As a Child of the "Great Depression", she learned to cook in her own "grandma Emma's" Indiana farmhouse kitchen. She used her thrifty skills to help her grandmother Italia feed hundreds of immigrants in a crowded Ohio boarding house.

Times were tough then too, but when Emma Ruth was around, no one went hungry. You won't either when you follow any one of these 101 tasty, satisfying, budget conscious recipes. Save money and enjoy good food for under $1 per serving.

As Emma Ruth  would say, "That's good eatin'!"

In the Spirit of Emma Ruth, we have compiled a Cookbook of 101 Main Dish recipes that can each be prepared for less than $1 per serving.

You get the entire cookbook in Adobe PDF format instantly for only $4.95, that's less than the cost of one "Mc Something Meal"!

  • 101 Easy and Nutritious Main Dishes!
  • Less than $1 per Person!
  • Feed a Family of 5 for less than the cost of the book!!
  • You will learn the "Staples" so you can create more!

"When I placed my order for the Cookbook I wasn't expecting much for the price, but now that I have the book, I am in awe. I love the full color photos. I also like how the recipes all have the full nutritional information- it's so professional! We cut our grocery bill by two thirds!!"
Donna C.
"This book has changed our lives and become our 'cookbook bible'! We use your recipes almost daily. "
Susan B.
"The recipes I've tried out of my cookbook are superb! You guys did an excellent job. Thanks!"
Martha W.

"I love your cookbook! It has a lot of recipes that have become weekly staples in our house. It is one of the only cookbooks I have found that has very easy, normal ingredients to use and the recipes are very good."
Elizabeth T.
" had Easter dinner at my home this year for my entire family, and everything was from your book. All of my guests loved the food! I never thought I would be able to make the good dishes everyone else enjoys, but truly your recipes have been a blessing."
Tanya S.



ŠEmma Ruth 1996 - 2009 - I'm Broke - But I Need To Eat!
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